2015 Speaker Presentations

Monday AM

2015 Opening Keynote Speaker Brent Barootes

MA1 - Working Collaboratively To Revitalize Toronto's Waterfront (no presentation)

MA2 - Governance: The Chief Staff Officer Performance Review (no presentation)

MA3 - Main Streets As Old Growth Forests

MA4 - Culture Days And Your BIA: Leverage Arts And Culture To Engage Your Community

Monday PM

MP1 - Mobile 1 - Toronto's Waterfront BIA (no presentation)

MP2 - Expressing Vibrancy: A Neighbourhood Study Through The Eyes Of A Cultural Identity

MP3 - Invest In The Nighttime Economy

MP4 - Back To The City: Downtown Revitalization In Canada

Rob Spanier: LiveWorkLearnPlay - Community Tourism Video

MP5 - Taking Accessibility to HEART

MP6 - Working With Your Municipality - MOUs (no presentation)

MP7 - How David Will Defeat Goliath: Leading A Resurgence On 'Main Street' Through FUN!

Tuesday AM

TA1 - Mobile 2 - Building Community In The Towers And Tunnels

TA2 - Member Needs Assistance Roundtable (no presentation)

TA3 - Board Effectiveness Going From Good To Great

TA4 - Community Improvement Plans: Creating Walkable And Liveable Communities That Support Local Business

TA5 - Communications - Speaking To The Media And Public Speaking (no presentation)

TA6 - Sponsorship Vs. Philanthropy Vs. Government Funding

TA7 - Overview of the Employment Standards Program

Tuesday PM

TP1 - Mobile 3 - Old Town Revitalization Project Proces (no presentation)

TP2 - Panel - "Renew" Your Downtown

TP3Going Mobile ? The Get It App & How it Came to Be (Caledonia BIA)

TP4 - Love Your Downtown

TP5 - BIA Staff Professional Development Session

TP6 - BIA Board Of Management Development - Taking The Pulse Of Your BIA