2018 Presentations

Watch as the list of 2018 BIA Conference Presentations grows...

Monday AM

MA2 - BIA Board Session

Monday PM

MP1 - How to Survive Downtown Revitalization with GREAT Communication

MP2 - Laneways: Untapped Potential

MP3 - Your Digital Mainstreet

Tuesday AM

TA1 - Construction Zone Realities

TA2 - Make Action a Priority - Please contact Craig Stevens, Director of Downtown Barrie BIA at for information on this presentation.

TA3 - Social Media Hour [Darrel Keezer]
TA3 - Social Media Hour [Javed Khan] - Please contact Javed Khan at for information on how to get this session presentation.

Tuesday PM

TP1 - Building Collaborative Partnerships to Effect Real Change: Building Blocks for a Creative Economy [Graziella Grbac]

TP2 - Accessibility - DOPS Guidelines [Geordie Gibbon]
TP2 - Accessibilty - DOPS Guidelines [Luke Anderson]

TP5 - Tell Your Story

TP6 - Growing Up on Main Street

TP8 - If You Don't Have A Tourist Attraction, Make One! [Dave Broostad]
TP8 - If You Don't Have A Tourist Attraction, Make One! [Stephen Murray]
TP8 - If You Don't Have A Tourist Attraction, Make One! [Amanda Murray]

For all Awards Presentations (TP3 & TP7), please see the 2018 Awards page in the drop down menu.

Wednesday AM

Keynote: Roger Brooks - The Future of Canadian Downtowns

WA1 - Metamorphosis on Main Street

WA2 - A Real Story of Resilience: How Orangeville’s Downtown Revitalized - Please contact Erin Douglas at in order to request this presentation.

Wednesday Lunch

Wednesday PM

Roger Brooks Professional Development Session Handout