2014 OBIAA National Conference






Awards and Recognition



Why should you apply?

As an award recipient you, your organization or client, and your community will receive acknowledgement and recognition by your peers at the BIA National Achievement Awards presentation at the Awards Gala. As a member of this select group you will also receive a BIA Achievement Awards plaque and a copy of the photos taken with your team at the presentation of the awards.

OBIAA and TABIA members and others are invited to submit projects for consideration. The submitting organization must have played a key role in the achievement of the project, its implementation, and its results. Given the vital role partnerships play in many successful efforts, we urge you to identify all participants in your submission. Projects must be 90-95% complete to be eligible for consideration. In a multi-phase project, completion of a major phase of the project is necessary for entry.

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovation — Does the project or program offer an innovative or unique approach to a BIA management or development challenge?
  • Replication — Does the entry present a solution, process or idea that others could modify for their BIA circumstances?
  • Representation — Is the project or program inclusive? Were partnerships employed to get the job done? Was the community involved in the effort?
  • Outcome — Was the impact of the effort significant? How was it measured? Was it compared to an initial goal? Were the goals and objectives reached?

A jury will choose winners based on the individual merit of an entry. While project budgets and community size will be noted, the jury members will foremost be seeking to recognize those submissions that have best exemplified the four elements noted in the judging criteria.

The decisions of the jury are final. The jury reserves the right to move winning submissions to more appropriate categories, if necessary, or to decline to make an award in any particular category.

Jury members are appointed by the OBIAA Board and represent a broad cross-section of Ontario BIAs and industry professionals.

The awards will be presented at the Annual BIA Conference and all winners are encouraged to attend.



We are pleased to announce a special category this year: 150 Award - Extraordinary Initiatives

Did your BIA have a great Canada 150 or Ontario 150 event or project this year? Submit it to this category!

PLEASE NOTE: This category encompasses and supersedes all the above categories. (Eg. If you have a Canada 150 event, submit it to the 150 Award, NOT Special Events.)

All award applications should be submitted electronically with no more that 1200 words on no more than 12 PowerPoint slides.

Award winners may be asked to present at the Conference on Tuesday.

"Downtown Seaforth & Brussels, both in the Municipality of Huron East just finished its WinThis Space program modelled after the one initiated by the Uxbridge BIA in 2013. It was a HUGE success, and if all goes well I plan on launching a similar program in the Village of Vanastra with an industrial/commercial twist.  The winner, the program trainer and I are being interviewed by CTV London.

Just think, this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't heard of this great project at the OBIAA conference in Hamilton last year. Hope your summer is going well. OBIAA has certainly helped  cast a positive light on rural Ontario business!"

Jan Hawley, Economic Development Officer | Municipality of Huron East

Watch how the OBIAA Awards can help transform and revitalize!